This document is to certify that all students and all parent(s)/guardian(s) of minor students have reviewed and agreed
100% to the following safety guidelines and waiver of liability for this course. This document applies to any and all extra
courses / seminars, renewals of membership and future courses taken the named student, even if there is a break in
training / membership.
Training Safety Rules and Responsibilities
1. Treat each other with respect and always watch out for other students’ safety. Always be aware of where
your fellow participants are at all times.
2. No sharp objects (i.e., jewelry, rings, watch, etc.) that might cause injury.
3. No training equipment or gear is to be handled without permission of the primary instructor. This includes a
student’s and/or participant’s own personal equipment, gear, or weapons.
4. I understand that horseplay will not be tolerated; that at any time during this course, I may be asked to leave
the course for horseplay or other safety violation(s) in the discretion of the instructor, without a refund.
5. I understand that all membership fees, charges, purchases of gear, etc. are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-
6. I will report all injuries immediately after I have been injured to the instructor, staff or the host location
contact person.
Medical Condition
7. Please advise of all pre-existing medical alerts / conditions:
8. I have honestly and without improper intent, reported to the primary instructor for this course all past and
current personal injury(s) that I may have or had, and which may prohibit me from participating in, or which may be
worsened by, participating in this course.
9. Prior to participating in any future courses / activities, I will advise the primary instructor and instructor staff
of all changes in my medical condition.
Waiver and Release of Liability
10. I understand that the course(s) involve strenuous physical activity including, but not limited to, muscle
strengthening and endurance training cardiovascular conditioning and repetitive movement training, and other

various forms of fitness activities. I hereby affirm that I am in good physical condition and do not suffer from any
known disability or condition which would prevent or limit my participation in these courses.
11. I understand that the course(s) involve physical contact with instructors / other participants and contact with
objects used in the training; I understand that this contact may be sudden, forceful and/or aggressive.
12. This waiver includes any injury that may result from: 1) equipment, whether belonging to either the
instructor, myself or other students, that may break or malfunction or contact me in any manner; 2) any slip, fall,
dropping of equipment or contact with other participants; and/or, 3) any negligent instruction or supervision.
13. I acknowledge that my participation in courses and in each individual activity within the courses is my
choice, is completely voluntary and is not mandated by the instructor staff or their affiliates
14. I will not hold any student and/or participant, the instructor staff, 2061396 Alberta Ltd., Rising Phoenix
Martial Arts, or any agency affiliated with this program responsible for any physical or psychological injuries I may
sustain during this course.
15. In consideration for my participation in these courses, I release 2061396 Alberta Ltd., Rising Phoenix
Martial Arts, or any agency affiliated with this program and its (their) agents from any liability now and in the future
for conditions that I may obtain.
16. I acknowledge that by signing this form I am waiving any right I or my successors might have to bring a
legal action or assert a claim against 2061396 Alberta Ltd., Rising Phoenix Martial Arts, or any agency affiliated
with this program for their negligence or that of their employees, agents or contractors.

I, the undersigned, have read the Training Safety Rules, Medical Condition and Waiver and Release of Liability above.
My initials are placed on the designated lines confirming that I understand the meaning of and I agree to adhere to the
Taring Safety Rules.
I agree with the Waiver and Release of Liability.
2061396 Alberta Ltd. o/a Rising Phoenix Martial Arts. does not dictate laws or procedures for the use of any products or
skills demonstrated. I am solely responsible for using any of the knowledge or skills taught to me during this course.
I do hereby authorize 2061396 Alberta Ltd. Rising Phoenix Martial Arts to record my picture on photographs, films and
tapes, and to edit these recordings at its discretion, and to incorporate these recordings and their content into movies and
sound films or tape broadcast (radio or television or internet) programs, print, advertising or otherwise, and to use and
license others to use such recordings, movie and sound films and tapes, print advertising and sales promotions. I warrant
and agree that I have read and understood the contents of this document, that I have had the opportunity to discuss
anything I did not understand and to seek legal advice on this waiver if I choose to do so.
I agree that I have the right and authority to execute this document.

This form is an important legal document that explains the risks you are assuming by beginning participation in
these courses. It is critical that you have read and understand this document completely. If you do not
understand any part of this document, it is your ultimate responsibility to ask for clarification prior to signing it.

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